History & Milestones of Lawak Kampus

About Lawak Kampus

The four-panel comic created by Malaysian comic artist Keith has been serialized since 2003 and is currently available in Malay, Chinese and English. In a comical style, it presents fun and crazy stories with whacky characters including Vanness the troublemaker, Aditas the naughty student, Bepop the worrywart, Si Kosong who never has any luck in tests, and the righteous yet enigmatic Froggy.


  • 2003 Serialized in GEMPAK™ and Comic King™
  • 2004 Published in Malay, Chinese and English
  • 2010 Lawak Kampus becomes fully coloured
  • 2011 Won the Best Four-panel Comic Strip Award at the 2nd Malaysian Mandarin Comic Society’s Comic Competition
  • 2013 Celebrated its 10th anniversary
  • 2018 Celebrated its 15th anniversary and collaborated with Boboiboy to produce Boboiboy Galaxy X Lawak Kampus: Superior

About the comic artist

Studying graphic design at In-House Multimedia College in 1994, he went on to study 2D animation at LimKokWing University of Creative Technology before going on to focus on 3D animation at Sheridan College in Canada. Joining KGS in 2003 as a comic assistant, he rapidly rose to the position of full-fledged comic artist the following year. Enduring popular acclaim for his four-panel comic Lawak Kampus propelled him to renown, not just locally but among comic book readers as far afield as China, where it debuted in Comic World weekly magazine.

Lawak Kampus
10th Anniversary

  • Celebrated Lawak Kampus 10th anniversary with an exhibition at the National Art Gallery.
  • Published a special 10th anniversary art collection ENCORE! Lawak Kampus Artbook.
  • Published a special 10th anniversary comic book Lawak Kampus: Friends Edition.
  • Launched Lawak Kampus limited edition merchandise, including water bottles, drawing books, notebooks, cups and coasters.

Lawak Kampus
15th Anniversary

  • Celebrated Lawak Kampus 15th anniversary with an exhibition at the National Art Gallery.
  • Published a special 15th anniversary issue Lawak Kampus ARTBOOK – EUPHORIA.
  • Published a special 15th anniversary comic Lawak Kampus 365.

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