Digital assets (such as NFT and TRART Coin) that is provided in tangible media will be considered as completed service once provided to user account. Refund requisition will not be entertained. 

Subject to the provisions of the Refund Policy, can issue refunds according to the TRART Coin transactions. In addition, you can also contact our Customer Service  directly. 

Request for Refund for Unreceived NFT

Note: If you have purchased the NFT but failed to receive the NFT, you can request for refund via You can apply for refund according to the methods below:   

Understand the Refund Process

1.Seek support from Customer Service 

In the following situations, it is recommended to contact our Customer service:

Issues related to the usage of your TRART Coins.

Failure to receive the purchased NFT. 

Methods to contact our Customer Service

Reminder: We will provide necessary information related to the refund request to our Customer Service officer. 

2. Supporting information required to verify the refund 

Reason to request for refund


Contact No. 

Credit card details used to purchase TRART Coin or other Digital Assets 

Credit card purchase receipt 

After receiving the above supporting information, will proceed to the verification stage and arrange for the refund within 30 working days.     

Understand the Refund Policy on to Resolve the Issue

The refund policy varies depending on the purchased goods. If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, please contact our Customer Service for more information. 

If you (a) provide your personal account or payment details to others, (b) suspected on abusing the refund policy, or (c) fail to use a verification mechanism to protect your personal account, refund requisition will not be entertained.