KGS × SHOPEE × TRART 2022 superhero Kgs

Each SUPERHERO KGS NFT pack includes 3 NFT; each NFT includes ONE character card (randomly picked from 23 designs) with TWO comic pages. Each SUPERHERO KGS NFT Card Pack selling at RM54 RM37.80 now! Get yours now!

KGS × SHOPEE × TRART 2022 superhero Kgs NFT

The KGS x SHOPEE x TRART 2022 SUPERHERO KGS NFT are minted on the Flow Blockchain. You may check the purchased NFT’s details by clicking on the NFT located at the “Collection” page.


In conjunction with the collaboration with Shopee Malaysia, the KGS × SHOPEE × TRART 2022 SUPERHERO KGS is only available to purchase from the Shopee Malaysia starting from 1st July 2022! To learn more on the steps to redeem the NFT purchased via Shopee Malaysia, you may go to tutorial.